Performance Details

As the Resiscape system is fully permeable when used in conjunction with an appropriately designed porous sub-base and suitable subgrade, it is compliant with SUDS regulations, eliminating the need for any planning permission before installation! The Resiscape system is one of the strongest resin bound systems available on the market today, being almost twice as strong as some others that are available.

Each Resiscape product has been tested for it’s strength, flexibility and slip resistance. As the aggregates are a natural stone product, it is possible that natural imperfections can appear from time to time within the aggregate, including iron pyrite imperfections.


What sort of surface can I install onto?
A solid sub base is required for the Resiscape system to be installed, this could be existing concrete or tarmac. If there are any cracks present in the existing surface, we would advise laying a new sub base before installation.

How do I mix my materials?
Please refer to the Installation page for full mixing instructions.

How much weight will the driveway take when laid?
If the resin mix has been laid at a depth of 15mm, the surface will take domestic traffic, cars, vans etc. For heavier trafficked areas we recommend a thicker resin mix is applied.

What happens if I don’t have enough material?
We recommend that you always slightly over order when first ordering your materials, to ensure you can complete the job on site once started.

How much can I lay in a day?
More experienced installers can lay upwards of 200m2 in a day. This would need to involve three people, one to mix, one to trowel the surface and another to carry the materials to and from the mixer.

How long does the resin take to set?
On average the resin will take 20-30 minutes to set. In the warmer months, setting times can be as low as 10-15 minutes.

How long before I order does it take for the materials to arrive?
The standard range is kept in stock in our warehouse and is available on a quick timescale. Resiscape is delivered directly to site.

How much will each kit cover?
Each Resiscape kit will cover a maximum of 4m2 at 15mm depth. This is based on laying on a smooth surface and does not take into account surface texture or wastage.We recommend that an extra 10% of materials are ordered as the system is hand trowelled and provisions need to be taken for undulations in the sub base.

If I’m installing a new sub-base, what should I do?
Seek professional advise if a new sub base is required. We recommend either a tarmac or concrete base is used.

How long do I need to leave before I can park my car on the drive?
Once the driveway has been laid, we recommend that 24 hours is left for the driveway to fully cure. A longer curing time can be expected in cooler temperatures. Ensure the surface isn’t soft or tacky before walking on the area.

Caring for your Resiscape Driveway
Like any surface, over time some wearing can occur, especially in heavier trafficked areas. Avoid dry steering on Resiscape driveways as this will encourage the aggregate to come loose.

As Resiscape is a mixed system of several fine quality materials, the guarantee is based on the installation. If installed correctly, the Resiscape system can last over 20 years.

To keep your Resiscape driveway well maintained, regularly brush the area with a stiff broom, and hose it down with fresh, clean water. Pavetuf General cleaner can be used for regular cleaning of your Resiscape project. To remove tougher moss and dirt, a household pressure washer can be used. We also recommend Pavetuf GreenOff cleaner, which is a specialist cleaner for organic staining. Oils, diesel and petrol can be harmful to your Resiscape surface if not cleaned immediately. If a spillage occurs, clean with fresh water and detergent.

Does the weather need to be good to lay the system?
The conditions need to be fair when the system is installed, the temperature should be between 5 and 25 degrees celsius and the stone and surface temperature should be at least 3 degrees above dew point. It is important that the surface is dry when the system is installed and doesn’t come into contact with water when curing.

What happens if it rains?
The product should not be laid if there is any rainfall, as this could result in ‘foaming’, resulting in a failed surface.

Is the product guaranteed?
The products supplied are fit for purpose when supplied. Once the products are mixed on site, any guarantee should be given by the installer to the project owner.

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For assistance please contact the main office on 0330 333 8030 or email