Resiscape is quick and easy to install, and with 6 standard colours to choose from, homeowners
and specifiers are sure to find the perfect colour to complement their project.

Resiscape can be used in a number of applications, including both domestic driveways and commercial projects.

Benefits of Resiscape:

  • Colours are stocked and available direct to site within 48 hours.

  • Variety of application: Use for pathways, driveways, patios and much more.

  • Anti slip surface: Great for tyre traction.

  • Smooth surface: Ideal for wheelchair use.

  • UV stable: Providing longevity of colour.

  • Quick installation: Depending on the size of the area, Resiscape can usually be installed within 1 day, minimising disruption to family life.

  • Strength: The Resiscape system is one of the strongest resin bound systems available on the market today, being almost twice as strong as some others that are available.

  • SUDS compliant: As the Resiscape system is fully permeable when used in conjunction with an appropriately designed porous base and suitable sub-grade, it is compliant with SUDS regulations, eliminating the need for any planning permission before installation.

What are Resin
Bound Aggregates?

A resin bound aggregate system is formed by mixing natural aggregate with a 2 part resin mixture.

Flat in appearance, the system features a smooth and uniformed finish on it’s surface. The Resiscape Resin Bound Aggregate System provides a low maintenance surface that is hard wearing whilst also being flexible and resistant to cracking.

Resin Bound Vs Resin Bonded
– what’s the difference?

A resin bound system like Resiscape involves combining the aggregate with the resin mixture before laying. The mixture is then trowelled and flattened onto the surface giving a uniform flat finish. A resin bonded system involves the resin being laid first onto the surface, with the aggregate then being broadcast over the resin once laid. This results in a textured, rough finish, with some stone being exposed and not entirely covered by the resin.

Installing Resiscape

Please click here for full instructions on how to install Resiscape

Resiscape NEW BUCKET adagrip 2020

Stocked Colours

Special Order Colours

Resiscape Accessories

The Resiscape accessories are all designed to aid simple installation. We have a primer for prepping a concrete base, an accelerator to increase cure times and a spirit cleaner to clean tools and equipment.


We were looking to redo our driveway and wanted something that was low maintenance. Resiscape was recommended to us by our installer and we are extremely happy with the results! The whole driveway was laid in just one day and the end result looks fantastic!

Mr & Mrs Lewis, Norfolk


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For assistance please contact the main office on 0330 333 8030 or email