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Reinforced Matting System

The Reinforced Resiscape Matting System is an innovative solution to laying resin bound aggregate without the need for a pre-existing tarmac or concrete base.

Choosing the right base for your system will depend on what the area will be used for and how much traffic there will be but this system is designed to help reduce the amount of digging out needed during the prep stage. The system is also the best option for creating an SuDS compliant permeable surface.

Features & Benefits

  • Natural looking seamless finish
  • Does not need large machinery to install
  • Minimum dig and minimal disruption
  • 15 years minimum lifespan
  • Strong and durable
  • No asphalt or concrete sub-base required
  • SuDS compliant permeable system
  • Low maintenance and hard wearing

Top Tip: When using the Reinforced Matting System, for areas of foot traffic, 30mm coverage is recommended. Certain site conditions will not require any digging out. For driveways and vehicle weights approximate to a 4x4, the recommended coverage is 40mm.

For full advice on this system and sub-bases, please refer to our Understanding and Installing Resiscape Guide and other technical guidance documents in our Knowledge Hub.