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Resiscape Aftercare

A well installed Resiscape system is easy to maintain and its durability can assure you of many, many years of service. Different environmental conditions and types of use can occasionally cause a change in appearance. Generally, there is always a solution.

Pavetuf Resin Bound Cleaner

Resin Bound Cleaner is an effective high-performance cleaner, which helps to remove stubborn greasy stains and heavy soiling for resin bound aggregate areas. This powerful cleaner is easy to use and has excellent degreasing properties rejuvenating your resin bound areas without damaging the surface. Formulated with biodegradable components and degreasing agents, giving you fast and long-lasting results. To learn more please visit the Pavetuf website.

General Soiling & Cleaning

In most domestic environments, all you will need to do is give the area the occasional sweep with a broom. You can clean using a pressure washer too, if you have one, for anything a little more stubborn. Sweep up first though to remove abrasive particles that have got onto the area. We’d recommend the pressure is set no higher than 150 bar rating. Fitting one of the Patio Cleaner rotary heads is ideal if you have one, otherwise have the jet set as a fan, holding approximately 12”/300mm away from the surface.

When using the ResiFlex system only, these may be affected by seasonal fixtures, such as plant pots and garden furniture, exhibiting a colour difference when moved. The long-term durability is not affected, and colour variations tend to diminish over time. Our standard and special-order colour ranges are not affected in this manner.

Organic Soiling – Leaves, Algae etc

As with any paved area, its good practice to keep the area clear of leaves. Allowing leaves to lie for periods of time can allow certain leaves to leach their tannins and stain paved areas, it depends on the species as to the severity. Remember, you may have not noticed leaves doing it on your old tired area but it may show up on a nice new clean one. Allowing leaves to gather for extended periods of time will also encourage algae growth, if you have an area predisposed to it.

Algae can grow on almost any surface given the right conditions, not just paved horizontal areas. There are so many variables that can affect whether it grows or not. Some airborne weed seedlings may settle into crevices, these should be cleared as regularly as required. The good thing about Resiscape is that its so easy to clean organic matter off the surface. Hot, soapy water and a stiff broom will do it, the pressure wash is an easy option too, or you can purchase proprietary cleaners that are designed to be sprayed on and kill it; and they often purport to keep it at bay for longer than just standard cleaning.

We have a product called Pavetuf Green Off that has been tried and tested on Resiscape surfaces.


In some rare cases and conditions, it is possible for tyres to mark the surfaces, particularly on lighter coloured surfaces. This can be cleaned off using the cleaning methods suggested above in ‘General soiling & cleaning’ or by using our Pavetuf Resin Bound Cleaner product. Try to avoid dry steering, (i.e., steering the wheel when the vehicle is not moving). Not only can this temporarily mark the surface but, over the long term, it can also permanently damage it due to excessive, abnormal abrasion.

For full aftercare advise please refer to our Guide to Understanding & Installing Resiscape.