Resiscape offers an alternative external flooring system that is ideal for both domestic driveways and commercial projects. Available in a wide choice of colours, our resin bound aggregate system is supplied in easy 4m2 kits that contain enough aggregate, sand and resin to simply mix on site!


Resiscape boasts a wide range of benefits including:

  • Fast Delivery: Colours are stocked and available direct to site within 48 hours

  • Slip Resistance: Good slip resistance properties as standard

  • Versatile: Use for pathways, driveways, patios and much more.

  • UV Stable: Providing longevity of colour.

  • Quick Installation: Depending on the size of the area, Resiscape can usually be installed within 1 day, minimising disruption to family life.

  • Strength: The Resiscape system is one of the strongest resin bound systems on the market today, being almost twice as strong as some others that are available.
  • Smooth Surface: Ideal for wheelchair use, children, bicycles and accessibility.
  • SuDS Compliant: The Resiscape system is fully permeable when used in conjunction with an appropriately designed sub-base. This eliminates the need for planning permission that may be required due to Sustainable Drainage Regulations


A resin bound aggregate system like Resiscape, involves combing carefully size graded and dried aggregates then mixed with resin. When placed, it is skilfully trowelled to the specified depth giving you a very durable, smooth, uniform and even finish. Talasey do not supply ‘Resin Bonded’ systems, it involves the resin being applied onto a base, the aggregates then spread out across the resin and left to stick. This results in a rough textured finish with aggregate particles exposed and not fully coated by the resin, most of the aggregate will adhere, though not nearly as durable as a bound system or as pleasing to the eye, nor can you use it as a SuDS option.

For full installation guidance and further advice on the Resiscape system, please refer to our Guide To Understanding & Installing Resiscape.