Our Picture Perfect competition runs from January-November annually. In December we will then categorise all entries and shortlist them. We will open a public vote on social media, for the winners to then be chosen.

  1. Any picture submitted must include at least one of the Talasey Group’s brands (Vitripiazza, Natural Paving, Luxigraze, Piranha, Dellaora).
  2. Images must be emailed to marketing@talasey.co.uk. Social Media entries in comments and messages will not be counted.
  3. Proof of purchase for the product installed may be required to ensure that the image submitted is a Talasey Group brand.
  4. Once an image is submitted, Talasey Group have the right to use the image however they deem necessary. This includes and is not limited to, social media, website, brochures etc.
  5. Any entry deemed not fit for purpose will be disqualified from the competition.
  6. Talasey Group reserve the right to cancel the competition at any given time.
  7. These terms and conditions represent the entirety of the agreement between Talasey Group and the person who has submitted the image(s).